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Phoenix Wright Drabble

Title:  Foolish Futility
Characters: Franziska, Edgeworth
Pairings: NONE, not even implied!
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Introspection, Character Monologue, Comfort, Friendship
Spoilers: PW3 Case 5
Summary: Franziska thinking back on facing Edgeworth while he was filling in for Phoenix.
Notes: Franziska and Edgy are =friends= and nothing more.
I haven't actually finished the last case, so I'm not sure how it ends.  SOMEBODY *eyes teh Rebbeh* has my DS.  LOL she needs it, she's working today.  But I digress.  I'm not sure how it ends, so this might not actually work. came to me and it was sweet.

Foolishly foolish foolhearty fool...Franziska von Karma, you have foolishly out-fooled the foolishest foolish foolhearty fool of them all.
Gloved hands clenched around the whip, and tears came to the young woman's eyes.  She hung her head, as if to hide the tears despite the empty room around her.
Miles Edgeworth, foolish fool, what foolishness is foolish friendship with foolish fools?  What purpose can it possibly serve to foolishly fool about with foolish fools foolishly dreaming foolish dreams?
Slowly, she raised her head towards the ceiling above her, looking past it as if looking up to the heavens and the possibly non-existant God above.  One of her hands suddenly released, while the other moved sharply, cracking the whip at the ceiling.
Futile efforts of futile futility, Franziska von Karma...what's gotten into you?
She continued to glare at the ceiling, as if displaying anger would negate the less-than-perfect drippings from her eyes.
I covered for you, Miles Edgeworth.  I -did- cover for you, agreed to the foolishly futile exercise in foolish futility.  But why?  The truly foolish fool here, foolishly fooling about with foolish dreams of myself.
Don't you understand, Miles Edgeworth?  Don't you understand that friendships are foolish?  Friends are less than perfect.  The only one you can expect true perfection from is yourself, and that's why you cannot be friends with anyone...not even me...   Friends are foolish...futile...

Her lips pulled back in a grimace, and she began to openly cry, continuing to look up towards the ceiling as if the heavens above would offer her absolution.

When he heard the crying begin, he couldn't wait any longer.  He'd intended to go in sooner, but hearing Franziska quietly talking to herself in words that primarily began with F was a bit off-putting.  Who could she possibly be raging against?  Her quiet words were hard to make out, he hadn't caught the names she kept murmuring amidst her tirade.  But it seemed he'd been wrong, it wasn't a rant at all.  He opened the door quietly, and came up close behind her.  Franziska was too distracted to even hear the door, let alone his soft footsteps.  Only when he sat on the bed beside her did she look down and over at the man beside her.  He opened his arms, an odd gesture from the usually cold man.  It was so strange from him, in fact, that Franziska's tears stopped in confusion for a moment.  He reached out and pulled her into his awkward embrace, arms unused to holding another to give comfort.
"Franziska...don't cry."  It wasn't much, but Miles Edgeworth wasn't known for being comforting or sympathetic.  Then again, any more than that would have been useless on Franziska, a woman unused to comfort or sympathy.  She stayed stiff and still in his arms for a few moments, before wrapping her own arms around his shoulders, just as awkwardly, and crying against him.
"Foolish fool, foolishly fooling with foolish foolishness...."  She spoke between her tears, trying hard to ignore how her voice cracked with emotion.  "What foolish foolishness brought this foolish fool into my room??"  Despite how she subconciously craved the comfort and friendship he offered, it was still something she'd been taught she was 'above'.  And yet Edgeworth didn't seem to care.  "Friendship?"  He wasn't sure of his answer, but somehow it seemed right.
"Foolishly foolish fool...foolishly friends with foolish fools..."  She kept her arms around him, just holding him until she drifted off to sleep.  He carefully removed her arms and awkwardly tucked her into the bed she had been sitting on.  She hadn't slept well since the trial, and apparently the pent up emotions had had something to do with it.
"Sleep well, Franziska."  He shut the light off, and quietly closed the door, letting the young woman sleep.
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