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I am updating my journal again for the first time in nearly a year to say something rather profoundly crude.  And yet I find it rather profound in and of itself.

I haven't had sex in quite a while now, actually, but oh well.  I've been thinking about sex and sexuality as I've been doing research for Theta, and I've come up with something rather...

Well.  I'll leave it to everyone to make their own opinions about it or to refuse to read it; frankly I don't care if anyone HAS an opinion.  I don't think it's yours to have an opinion about.  But I wanted to write it down, get it off my chest if you will, and send it out into the great void of the internet for better or for worse.

With a preamble like that, you should bloody well know that what's coming is TMI.

Fucking deal with it. Quit reading if you like, but so help me if there are any comments about "ewww what did I just read", is your Own.  Fucking.  Fault.

At any rate.

I am an intermittently sexually active female adult.  I've had multiple partners, and while I look back on that and think "I shouldn't have done most of that," it has to do with the nature of it and the details, not the quantity in and of itself.

I am a sexually liberated young woman.  I have tastes and preferences and these are based entirely on the one defining factor of sexual practices--whether or not it feels good to me.

I am a sexually liberated young woman, and I am not particularly fond of cunnilingus.  I don't think it's a "political statement" whether I make someone go down on me or not (I wouldn't "make" someone do that even if I did care for it).  I don't think it makes me a prude or uptight or anything you'd like to decide about me.

I like chocolate ice cream.  I also like strawberry.  Not so much banana.  I like sex, I like to masturbate, I happen to not like having a tongue applied to my body below the navel.

This does not affect my status as a woman.  If anything, I feel more liberated, because I have neither the patriarchal oppression NOR someone else's idea of feminism influencing a sexual decision made by me about my sexual desires.

Thank you.

Related but perhaps more of a post-script than an additional rant...

On the topic of a fantasy and not something I'm particularly needing to rush out and go do...I've been enjoying the idea of giving a man a blow job.  It sounds like fun to me.  Think about that statement a second.  Fun to me.  So if anyone out there thinks that my liking the idea of doing something I want to do is somehow 'degrading' to me....

Get back to me when you come back from lalaland.
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