je_regret_riens (je_regret_riens) wrote,

On the nature of reincarnation...

We as humans tend to think of life as progressing forward.  But when we stop and think about when we might like to be reborn if we could live at any point in time, I think most of us think of the past....

I think the apocalypse may come...not when the world ends, but...  (This only makes sense in my head, doesn't it?)

It explains why science fiction is a fascination of the world--it's not imagination, it's scraps of memories.  But realistically, we all keep getting reincarnated backwards.  We started at the pinnacle of technological advancement, and keep saying to the creator that we want to come back to such and such a time to experience it.

The world will end when the last people have been reincarnated as cave men and there's no point further back to go.  Either that or it will reawaken humanity's creative spark and the march forward will begin until we reach the pinnacle of technological advancement.....
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