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So....gosh, it's been such a trip, I don't even know where to begin in recaping what's going on.

As I think everybody knows, I was expecting Rebby to come to my home in America on the twelfth of February.  She came.  We get along even better in person than we do's almost scary how PERFECT we are for each other.  We were handfasted on 20th April, and took off for England on 6 May.
We're here now, living with Reb's mum and looking for work.
As far as our relationship....well, it's moderately kinky BDSM, with Reb as Dom, so sometimes I do refer to her as Ma'am.  And sometimes I'm just the house cat.

I think that's the big, broad, general strokes of what's going on.

We have friends in Bishop Auckland, Scotch Corner, and Darlington.  We're gonna go to a Munch (Casual BDSM Meeting/Meet&Greet/???) soon-ish.  Right now, I'm waiting for news on a possible job at the swimming pool.

I think that's really it, though.
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